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About The Scott Howarth Band

The Scott Howarth Band, a dynamic force in the modern country music scene, seamlessly blends the essence of traditional country with the electrifying spirit of rock and roll. Fronted by the charismatic Scott Howarth, the band has quickly risen to prominence with their distinctive sound and heartfelt lyrics. Drawing inspiration from country legends, modern country and rock icons, their music resonates with fans across genres, creating a unique and compelling auditory experience.

Formed in London Ontario in 2019, The Scott Howarth Band quickly gained a reputation for their high-energy performances and authentic storytelling. Their debut showcased their ability to weave poignant narratives with gritty guitar riffs and soulful melodies. Tracks like "Music Made Me Do it", "Turn The Radio Up" and “Pour Me a Drink” highlight the band's versatility, combining country music elements with a modern edge that captivates audiences from all walks of life.

With a relentless performance schedule and a passionate fanbase, The Scott Howarth Band continues to make waves in the music industry. Their latest single release, "Livin it Up," further solidifies their place in the country-rock genre, featuring anthems that celebrate love, liquor and heartbreak. As they carve out their own path, The Scott Howarth Band remains dedicated to preserving the roots of country music while pushing its boundaries, promising a bright future filled with timeless musical anthems and unforgettable live shows.

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