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Our Music

This infectious summer tune is all about embracing the sunshine, good vibes, and making unforgettable memories with your squad. With its catchy chorus and upbeat melody, ‘Livin It Up’ will have you dancing all night long and soaking up every moment of the season.

Co-written by Aaron Allen (who also produced the song) and Scott Howarth, 'Aint' Another Like You' is a confession of love to that special someone and a sign for anyone who hasn't shared their feelings about someone to tell them how they feel.

'Pour Me A Drink' is the 2023 summer party anthem from The Scott Howarth Band. A familiar sentiment to many, that our 9-5 jobs would be unbearable without the weekend, friends, cold drinks, and great music!

'Music Made Me Do It' is a rockin' look into the effect music has on our behaviour, it can be intoxicating!! (and yes, those are real London Police handcuffing Scott in the art work!)

'Used To Be' is a heartfelt song that delves into the bittersweet emotions of longing for an ex-lover. The song expresses the desire to rekindle the flame and recapture the love that once existed. A relatable emotionally charged anthem for anyone who has experienced the ache of lost love.

'Everybody's Welcome' is the ultimate summer party anthem that brings people from all walks of life together. Whether you're dancing by the pool, grilling burgers in the back yard, or simply enjoying the warm sun, 'Everybody's Welcome' sets the perfect mood for a memorable summer gathering where everyone is embraced and welcomed with open arms.

'It's You' is a heartfelt song that pays tribute tot he incredible person who holds the title of being the best thing in the world. A declaration that  the one you love is the one that makes this world go 'round.

'Just Fine' tells the truth behind the lie we tell ourselves and others of how we are doing after a breakup.

'Right By Your Side' is a heartfelt and tender song that encapsulates the unwavering love one can have for another and the perfect place in the world is right by their side.

'Never Been Kissed Like That'  is an enchanting song that captures the electrifying feeling of experiencing a kiss that exceeds all expectations.

The bands debut single from 2019, 'Turn The Radio Up' is an electrifying and energetic song that ignites a sense of freedom and escape. Sometimes all we need is a catchy tune and volume knop turned up.

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